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WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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ELiquid Depot vape juice & ORBTL nicotine salt pod juice are a perfect fit for vape shops looking to keep up with online prices. WE know that customers will only tolerate so much of a premium for the convenience of shopping at a local vape shop. Yet, most wholesale vape juice rates do not allow you to both compete with online prices and keep your lights on!

Easy Self Service

No complicated applications, dealing with pushy sales representatives, or complicated purchasing processes.

Just order like any other customer and bulk prices automatically apply to your cart.

Sales Tax Exemption

We must collect sales tax for sales shipping to the state of Florida. If you have a current Sales & Use Tax certificate for the state of Florida, please submit it through our contact form and we will switch your account to tax exempt status.

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ELiquid Depot
QuantityUnit Price
12-23 Bottles$10.99
24-47 Bottles$9.99
48-95 Bottles$8.99
96-191 Bottles$7.99
192+ Bottles$6.99

QuantityUnit Price
12-23 Bottles$7.32
24-47 Bottles$6.66
48-95 Bottles$5.99
96-191 Bottles$5.32
192+ Bottles$4.65