What causes vaper’s tongue?

One of the greatest benefits smoker’s enjoy when they switch to vaping is the availability of a wide selection of great flavors. They could enjoy a nice fruit or dessert flavor instead of the taste of burning ash.

But they may soon experience a phenomenon that is well known to experienced vapers called “vaper’s tongue”.

What happens is you go to try a new flavor and it tastes great, right? So it quickly becomes your all day vape. Then you find some time later the taste becomes muted or you may even say that you taste nothing at all. No, there is nothing wrong with the vape juice. You are experiencing vaper’s tongue.

How does that happen?

The sense of taste is actually heavily dependont on the sense of smell, and a lot of tasting happens in the olfactory bulb. If you were to hold your nose while eating something or even while vaping, you would find the flavor to be very muted. The moment you release your nose you will find that your sense of taste is restored.

The problem is a phenomena known as “olfactory fatigue”. When you have been exposed to a particular scent long enough your olfactory system blocks it out. You experience this if you wear cologne or perfume. You will stop sensing it soon after putting it on, while those around you still can smell it.

Now when you connect the dots, being exposed to the scent of your vape juice for too long will make you stop smelling it and thus stop tasting it.

How to stop vaper’s tongue

The most common way experienced vapers fight vaper’s tongue is by keeping a rotation of flavors rather then just one favorite flavor. When your favorite flavor starts to become muted, try switching to a new flavor for a while. When you come back to the first flavor, your ability to taste that flavor should be restored.

Another important thing is to remember to drink plenty of fluids. Vaping is known to cause some dehydration which can effect your sense of taste as well.

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